Fogelfrei (rotte_volf) wrote in progressivenews,

"Miss Sunland I". An inimitable beauty contest.

Sunland crew is glad to officially announce beauty contestDear girls!

Sunland crew is glad to officially announce beauty contest "Miss Sunland I". The main idea of this contest to give you the opportunity to demonstrate your beauty, and more over, to show all that Sunland idea is modern and quite interesting to the young people. So, we can attract the young to the Sunland.

Well, conditions of the contest is following:

You send to the contest's jury at least three photo via email
We will make a poll on the our site Any visitor may vote for you. Note: if you wish you may specify that you want to be under the pseudonym (nik).

Deadline receiving the photo - 1 month from this day XXVI Virt, I Year S.E.

Outcome of the contest will be announced in two months - in the end of Creat.

The winner will be awarded by a grand prize. It is a fashion beach bag with Sunland symbols and a nice surprise inside it.

Moreover, the three girls who collect maximum votes will be awarded by special prizes. It T-shirts and cups with Sunland symbols.

So, take a part in this enjoyable contest and show your beauty.

With best greetings,
Sunland crew.

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